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Joinery | Chairs & seating | Cabinetry


Quite some time ago, a person would ply their trade with simple goals in mind. Do good work of which one could be proud, provide for family, contribute to community, that kind of thing. Honest, ethical for the most part, and civilised. Prices were based on time and material, plus a margin no reasonable customer would begrudge.

Semper is that kind of business.

Not that long ago, making something ‘bespoke’ and ‘to order’ was the predominant means by which cabinets and joinery were made. Today, ‘bespoke’ and ‘custom made’ carry connotations of cabinets, chairs and joinery being a luxury good, which is then priced accordingly.

Interestingly, joinery, chairs and cabinetry designed and made to suit a customer’s needs don’t cost any more to make, relatively speaking, than they did before.

And nor should they. We believe any work we produce should be tailored to fit our customer’s needs, not the vagaries of our machinery constraints or what is hyper-efficient and economical to produce.

Machinery is often involved, but everything we make is finished by hand. And if a chair, a cabinet or joinery is hand-finished, we also make sure it fits.